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WINDCONTROL low air technology is the ultimate innovative warp knitting technology developed by M.I.T.I. It allows to combine in one single fabric all the best characteristics of the traditional stretch warp knitted back brushed fabrics such as breathability, stretch, recovering and comfort with the additional specific function of low air permeability.

How it works

Thanks to WINDCONTROL, it is now possible to produce a single layer warp knitted back brushed stretch fabric that blocks up to 80% of the air which normally gets through a similar fabric produced with conventional technology.


Which fabrics can have this technology?

M.I.T.I. has adopted this innovative technology for the production of fabric Arrowind™ which comes out with two versions: Arrowind™ and Arrowind™ polyesther version.

Air permeability index of Arrowind fabrics: ≥200 liter per mm²/sec- (the conventional stretch back brushed type of fabric has an index between 800 and 850 liters/ mm²/second). Air permeability tested with Air-Tronic ( Mesdan) –UNI EN ISO 9237

Does it come with a certification?

WINDCONTROL low air technology fabrics are BLUESIGN certified.

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