Cold is no longer an excuse

THERMAL technology is one of M.I.T.I. most famous technology. Created in 1983 with the brands Superroubaix® and Thermoroubaix®, THERMAL has been engineered and developed for winter sports, to offer a revolutionary and totally innovating comfort still unmatched.

How it works

THERMAL technology is developed on four ways stretch brushed fabrics, with amazing abrasion resistance, outstanding recovery and easy care. The knitting construction along with the brushed skin side gives insulation benefits uncommon for the performance stretch fabrics. Heavy weight and thickness allow this technology to be applied on almost all the outdoor activities garments.


Which fabrics can have this technology?

THERMAL insulation technology includes a wide range of fabrics, plain or with structures, with combination of compositions, always offering the comfort of the stretch performance fabrics along with the thermal benefit of brushed back side.

Does it come with a certification?

THERMAL insulation technology fabrics are BLUESIGN certified.

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