Bacteria and bad smells control

STARTEX silver technology is dedicated to the industrial and medical textiles fields. The combination of sophisticated production process with special ingredients, such as the carbon fiber, completes the wide selection of fabrics developed by M.I.T.I.

How it works

The warp-knitted fabrics of the STARTEX silver technology are manufactured by M.I.T.I. with solution dyed polyester fibers and bacteriostatic properties. Long lasting performances are achieved by the silver ions embedded in the fibers by means of nanotechnology.

Silver ions naturally release on fibers surface through the multi filaments and are efficient in bacteria control, preventing skin fungus growth and bad smells. For STARTEX silver technology, M.I.T.I. uses only components with antibacterial properties, fully certified by the producers.


How long it lasts

STARTEX silver technology is tested and certified to have long lasting performances even after 300 washes at 40°c.

Which fabrics can have this technology?

STARTEX silver technology fabrics are dedicated to the medical textile field and also to a big variety of applications: helmets lining, cycling pads, paramedical supports, medical wear, coated and bonded fabrics.

Does it come with a certification?

STARTEX silver technology is fully certified by the producers in accordance with ISO:20743:2007 and JIS 1902:202. STARTEX fabrics are also BLUESIGN certified.

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