Why is MITI a company that believes in sustainability?

By 9 October 2020News
sostenibilità aziendale - Greenperforming - Sustainability

Living our planet responsibly means respecting the environment in which we live and the resources it offers us, in everyday life, as well as at work.

For this reason, MITI has made sustainability its business and production philosophy, which it summarized in the concept of Greenperforming: its approach to the development of textile solutions that are at the same time “green” and performing, capable of offering the best functional and aesthetic performance while protecting the nature that surrounds us.

We invest in product and process sustainability

The production of MITI starts from the assumption that there can be no performance without sustainability. Creating warp-knit, innovative and beautiful technical fabrics, which promote Made in Italy in the world without damaging nature and the people who use them, is therefore our main challenge. Our commitment is twofold: since 2012 we have invested in the creation of products and processes that are compatible with the environment. On the one hand, we promote the use of production processes that are as lean as possible, capable of containing energy consumption and reducing pollution, on the other, the use of new materials – such as biodegradable yarns, recycled ones and natural fibers – always offering high performance solutions with low environmental impact.

Sostenibilità aziendale Miti Spa - Greenperforming - SustainabilityWe start from research and certify our work

Research & Development has always been a fundamental point of MITI’s production activity. We are aware of the weight that the textile industry has on the environment and of the responsibility that each company has in trying to contain pollution and consumption during its production. For this reason, we have always invested skills and creativity in the development and experimentation of new textile solutions, in line with environmental protection policies.

But not only. We have always been committed to the acquisition of international certifications that certify the high quality and environmental compatibility of our processes, even in the absence of legislative obligations. A choice considered as the guarantee of the constant attention that MITI dedicates to its work, its employees and the products it offers to the market.

Realizing the principles that animate the philosophy of Greenperforming, in recent years we have obtained adherence to various quality standards: from ISO 9001, which confirms the internal adoption of a Quality Management System (QMS), to ISO 14001 which regulates our environmental management system, up to the Bluesign certification which refers to the sustainability of the production process in the textile sector, to arrive at the SA8000 which certifies the quality of the work environment.

We promote a circular and no-waste economy

The new production challenges of MITI focus on the Circular Economy and the creation of processes and products with a reduced environmental impact. That is why, when we give life to a new textile solution, the main objectives of the company cannot be missing from the reuse of plastic, the recycling and reuse of raw materials, the reduction of production waste and polluting materials.

An important concept on which Greenperforming is based is also the theme of energy saving: a lower use of CO2 and water are guaranteed by the use of the best technologies available, for each production cycle. In recent years, the company has also invested in renewable sources, starting from the beginning of 2020 a photovoltaic system, with the aim of guaranteeing the creation of the energy necessary to power its processes independently.

Sostenibilità aziendale Miti Spa - Greenperforming - SustainabilityFinally, MITI aims to become 100% plastic free, not only in production but also internally, in everyday working life: a commitment it has already undertaken by replacing all plastic bottle dispensers in its factory in favor of dispensers. of water made available to employees.

This approach has allowed us to achieve important results. First of all, lower consumption in production, with a 30% reduction in the m3 of water consumed for each kg of fabric produced. In addition, less environmental pollution, reducing the tons of CO2 emitted in processing by 25% and eliminating about 90,000 plastic bottles and cups consumed during the year by the company, which in this way are not released into nature.

We create advanced but sustainable technology solutions

Among all the textile solutions of MITI, those that more than others respond to the concept of Greenperforming, combining high technical performance with respect for the environment, are GreenSoul technology, Bioback and NaturalMatch.

All three base their strength on their own sustainability characteristics. GreenSoul uses 100% recycled fibers, Bioback biodegradable and accelerated biodegradability yarns, with a “zero” environmental impact. Finally, NaturalMatch comes from the best possible combination of natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

Each of these proposals has been developed to create eco-friendly fabrics for high performance, to create garments suitable to be worn comfortably and safely both in sports activities and in everyday life.

Sostenibilità aziendale Miti Spa - Greenperforming - SustainabilityWe promote sustainability with a shared project

With Greenperforming MITI wanted to share its approach to sustainability with partners and companies sensitive to the importance of the environmental issue and that of social responsibility in the production field.

Today Greenperforming is therefore a tool that MITI makes available to all its customers: every company that chooses to share its principles and operating methods, guarantees its final consumer to fully adhere to an entire eco-sustainable, careful to the environment, to people’s health and work, to try to build – all together – a textile sector that is more sustainable every day, protecting our planet.

Find out more about Greenperforming and join our revolution.

Sostenibilità aziendale Miti Spa - Greenperforming - Sustainability