Where the innovation of #behindMITIfabrics comes from

By 29 March 2021News
Innovation #behindMITIfabrics

For 90 years, the capacity to innovate has been an essential element of the production, work processes and corporate values of M.I.T.I.

Already in 1931 – the year of its foundation – M.I.T.I is the first company in Italy to make warp-knit fabrics with artificial fibers. Later, riding the economic boom, its textile proposals successfully enter multiple industrial sectors, from clothing, underwear and linen, from competitive to amateur sports. Since that moment, the proposal to the market of ever new, high-performance and sustainable solutions has characterized every aspect of its productivity, marking important milestones.

New fabrics to revolutionize the market

Each M.I.T.I product is the result of experimenting with new materials and advanced manufacturing processes. From this approach, in the 1980s, the first stretch technical fabrics with high thermal performance for winter sports were born, together with 100% chlorine-resistant fabrics designed for swimwear. In the 90s, thanks to an innovative use of bacteriostatic silver ion thread, M.I.T.I develops textiles with an ever higher stretch, ideal for clothing and underwear. In the following decade, the first warp-knit fabrics with thermoregulation features and solutions produced with carbon fibers for fabrics intended for cycling are added. Since the 2000s, the study of new yarns has led to the creation of cutting-edge products, such as those with low air permeability technology, that do not use membranes, designed for sports jackets and haute couture garments. In the medical sector, it offers innovative options with high bacteriostatic properties based on the use of nanotechnologies. Anticipating the market trends, in 2007 the production of M.I.T.I begins to be inextricably linked with the sustainability: BIA, the first line of eco-friendly and low environmental impact stretch fabrics, arrives. In 2018 the Greenperforming 2.0 philosophy begins to take shape, with which M.I.T.I is committed to creating fabrics that combine high performance with environmental sustainability – from yarns with accelerated biodegradability, to technologies that combine 100% recycled synthetic fibers, treated with highly sustainable dyeing and finishing processes.

“Green” and 4.0 production processes

M.I.T.I’s commitment to the creation of eco-sustainable products and processes allows it to acquire awards that attest to the high quality and environmental compatibility of its processes, even at an international level. Among these – the first company in the sector in Italy to receive it – the Bluesign® certification for the low environmental impact of its production processes and for the protection of the health and safety of workers. Over the years, M.I.T.I has also promoted the development and use of production processes that are as lean as possible, able of containing energy consumption and reducing pollution. Thanks to constant investments in renewable sources and the installation of a photovoltaic system, it is able to independently produce the energy needed to power its processes, significantly reducing consumption and costs. In line with the pillars of Industry 4.0, M.I.T.I implements innovative machinery in its production plant, network-connected and able of monitoring of the entire production flow, optimizing the work process.

Innovative projects to communicate to customers

In almost a century of activity, M.I.T.I’s innovation has always coincided with the desire to understand the market, to listen to and interpret customer needs, anticipating new trends and production possibilities. Collaboration and sharing of values are the basis of the Greenperforming project, which makes love for nature and environmental sustainability the starting points for the development of shared projects. For M.I.T.I, Greenperforming is a new way of conceiving the creation of high performance fabrics, a new way of consuming, dressing, disposing. It’s a production philosophy that aims to feed social responsibility and common actions day by day, with the aim of making the textile sector and its offer to the market more eco-sustainable. M.I.T.I knows that to be innovative one must also look to the future with curiosity and flexibility, always trying to cultivate new opportunities for contact and dialogue with customers. To respond to the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, its first digital showroom comes to life in 2020, an innovative virtual space where companies can get to know, even remotely, the characteristics and performance of the range fabrics and stay updated on news coming for the next seasons.

But this is only part of our story: to celebrate our 90 years, follow the #behindMITIfabrics journey with us.