Uncompromising sustainability and performance

By 14 January 2019News

Can a fabric guarantee excellent performance and still be environmentally friendly? If it uses GreenSoul technology by M.I.T.I., then the answer is yes.

GreenSoul is actually the first stretch fabric line produced from 100% recycled yarn using the most sustainable dyeing and finishing processes: an innovative result that is perfectly aligned with M.I.T.I.’s corporate philosophy, as expressed in the #greenperforming concept.

The recycled fibres utilized by GreenSoul technology include three different options: 100% post-consumer polyester made from chips of plastic bottles; 100% pre-consumer nylon recycled from industrial waste; recycled elastane from pre-consumer industrial waste up to 65%. In all three cases, the resulting fabric is of extremely high quality, resistant to abrasion and UV protection, endowed with elevated stretch  and available in a complete range of fabrics from 110 g/sq m to 250 g /sq m, either piece dyed or ready for print  A wide variety of solutions for the most diversified applications (from sports performance to sustainable fashion garments), all of which share the same attentive manufacturing process.

To confirm process sustainability, all fabrics with GreenSoul technology are certified BLUESIGN and OEKOTEX class I. Furthermore, the yarns used in this technology are entirely certified GRS – Global Recycled Standard, a certification which guarantees the presence of recycled yarns in a product.  And it was not long before a positive response came from the industry: since its market debut, last year, the GreenSoul line has in fact been adopted by some of the brands most attentive to quality and environmental issues, and has also been acclaimed as one of the best innovations of the Autumn/Winter 2019/20 season in the ambit of the Top Innovation @ Ispo Award 2019-2020 in the Eco Era category.