The #Greenperforming Forest by M.I.T.I is born together with Treedom

By 15 March 2021March 30th, 2021News
Greenperforming Forest Treedorm

1,000 trees planted in 7 countries around the world, with an important goal: to support local economies and reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment by 300 tons.

It is the #Greenperforming Forest, born from the collaboration between M.I.T.I and Treedom, the web platform that allows you to plant trees remotely and follow their evolution online. A sustainable project that combines Treedom’s mission of natural protection with the values of Greenperforming that characterize the production of M.I.T.I: create high-performance fabrics respecting the Planet, thanks to responsible production processes with a low environmental impact, while at the same time stimulating virtuous collective behaviors.

M.I.T.I. together with Treedom created a “widespread” forest on three continents – Africa, America and Asia – by planting 300 new trees in Cameroon, 400 in Kenya, 50 in Tanzania, 50 in Colombia, 100 in Guatemala, 50 in Haiti and 50 in Nepal. Among the types of plants chosen, cocoa, banana, avocado, guava, grevillea and markhamia, which allow to absorb 271,710 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. A quantity that would be able to fill 1,415 trucks.

In each country, the planting and care of the trees of the #Greenperforming Forest by M.I.T.I are entrusted to farmers from small local communities, thus helping support the quality of life of the workers and the local economy. Each cultivated plant, in the course of its growth, helps to capture significant volumes of carbon dioxide, preserving natural ecosystems and generating benefits for the entire planet.

From 2010 to today, Treedom’s projects have made it possible to plant more than 1,700,000 trees in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy; since 2014 it has been part of the Certified B Corporations, the network of companies that stand out for their high environmental and social performance.