POWER Performance technology for high end results

By 15 February 2019News

A technology which combines innovation and a multiplicity of applications to deliver excellent levels of performance: this is the “secret” underlying POWER Performance technology, one of the most successful M.I.T.I. technologies on international markets.

The key features of this technology comprise abrasion resistance and compression, as well as being quick drying and breathable. But above all, its most distinctive and important factor is the construction which enables the creation of fabrics with an excellent modulus and compression: in fact, POWER Performance technology makes it possible to produce fabrics with an excellent degree of stretch, able to compress muscles during performance and rapidly recover their original state after use. Excellent functional characteristics and comfort make these products ideal for use in the ambit of sports apparel, as well as for shapewear and industrial applications. In fact, POWER performance technology comprises a vast selection of smooth and textured fabrics in nylon/elastomer or polyester/elastomer, with various articles of different weights and thicknesses.

Not to mention environmental protection, which has always characterized the production of M.I.T.I.: all fabrics endowed with POWER performance technology are certified Oeko-Tex Class I and BLUESIGN, the international standard specifically developed for the textile industry, which provides an accurate evaluation of the environmental impact of each product.