Now is the time to think of others

By 19 December 2018News

Not long to go now: the Christmas season is on the doorstep, and the moment has come to finally find some time for ourselves and those we love. However, this is also the time to think of others by offering our solidarity and assistance to people and populations in situations of great hardship.

Such is the commitment of the NGO Amref, alongside which M.I.T.I. has been committed for many years. More specifically, in the last two years, M.I.T.I. has focused its support on the programmes Amref is pursuing in South Sudan, where the population is on its knees as a result of a civil war between different ethnic groups and factions: this conflict, which has been going on for more than five years, has caused whatever poor services previously existed in this country to a state of collapse. Here Amref is the only humanitarian organization which invests in long-term activities, rather than just providing for the most urgent needs. The work of the association aims at preparing the ground for future development by training young women, doctors and farmers, by providing access to clean water in the most poverty-stricken areas and by investing in human capital with a view to driving the country’s economic recovery when the war is over.

M.I.T.I. wishes everyone a happy Christmas and a New Year full of serenity and the heartfelt values of solidarity and commitment, with a view to building a better world.