M.I.T.I’s projects, values and innovation told by People who work with us

By 14 May 2021News
Since 1931 in PEOPLE we trust’

Behind every new product, every innovative technology designed by M.I.T.I, there is always a fascinating story. ‘Since 1931 in PEOPLE we trust’, is a project created thanks to the skills, passion and commitment of all the people who are part of our work teams.

From R&D to production, from quality control to marketing, from logistics to the sales department: every professional who has worked in our company in recent years has actively contributed to the path of innovation and sustainability that has always featured our business.

This is why we have chosen to tell it through their words, their faces, the singular experiences and values ​​they shared with us, to help M.I.T.I reach a different and exciting goal each time.

This is how a “new stage” of the #BehindMitiFabrics communication campaign begins, launched this year to celebrate our 90 years of presence on the market and to explain more closely how and where each M.I.T.I. performance fabric begins its journey.

Each time we will present a #MITIPeople, who will explain what he/she loves about his/her job and how he/she is helping the company in its productive and technological innovation process.

A format dedicated each time to one of our #MITIPeople, who will explain to you what their work consists of and how with their support, the company is involved in a production and technological innovation process.

Stay tuned!