Greenperforming becomes an innovative platform to promote sustainability

By 11 July 2022News

Talking about environmental sustainability and safeguarding the planet is no longer enough.

Concrete and joint actions are needed to truly transform the status quo. With this goal, MITI’s new Greenperforming platform is born, a space for sharing where the values ​​that have always animated our green philosophy meet current news, innovative projects, virtuous stories and insights to make one’s everyday life more and more eco-friendly – from achieving the highest sports performance, to fashion and lifestyle.

A hub for growing innovative projects

By giving life to the Greenperforming concept, MITI has promoted an innovative production approach, with which it is committed to creating green and high-performance fabrics in full respect of the environment and consumers.

To raise awareness of the market, institutions and the industrial system on the urgency of promoting a more conscious way of producing and consuming, Greenperforming also becomes a LAB, an inclusive platform where to imagine, design and test special collections of low-impact technical garments, made by MITI fabrics and technologies and to be developed together with the brands we collaborate with.

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A meeting point to create a “green community”

Greenperforming evolves to be an open project, a virtual place where you can share ideas and proposals to promote an increasingly responsible and sustainable lifestyle and consumption.

For this reason, through interviews and stories we will give voice to daily experiences, innovative environmental battles and company stories that make the protection of our planet – together with achieving the highest performance in complete harmony with nature – a fundamental goal.

Our dream is to be able to unite all these small but important green revolutions under the flag of Greenperforming, to help them emerge and make people understand why these are fundamental to building a better future.

A magazine to talk about sustainability

Greenperforming will also be a Mag, a means to foster a continuous and constructive dialogue on the need to give life to innovative and transversal projects, with the aim of protecting nature from the waste of resources and pollution, favoring the transition to eco-compatible and slow habits.

The columns of the Greenperforming Mag will offer information on environmental issues and policies, insights on current events, useful tools to improve the ecological footprint of one’s daily life. And again: analysis and research data to reflect on, projects from which to draw inspiration and everything that can help us to make information on the world of sustainability and care for the environment simpler, more engaging and transparent every day.

Find out now new Greenperforming website!

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