From the Alps to the sea

By 7 January 2019News

It started as an idea, become a philosophy, get an hashtag and now is a movie#greenperforming movie – From the Alps to the sea – is M.I.T.I.s new big communication project, which is now under way.

M.I.T.I.s challenge is to spread out a message, by respecting nature uncompromisingly in terms of product performance: this is their choice to tell the #greenperforming philosophy through a journey from the Alps to the sea. 

This adventure will be shown through the protagonists performances: different sports (skimountaineeringhikingbiking and running) and different landscapes will be combined in a journey throughout herself and the nature.

The production will start in the second week of 2019, with a planning of six days of shooting throughout the Alps. The result will be a three shots movie, which will firstly show the #greenperforming philosophy on the main fairs and events (such as ISPO, Performance Days, Eurobike) and will be broadcasted on web and social media. 

The project is created in cooperation with Jolie Advertising, the Italian creative agency which already produced M.I.T.I.s corporate video.