FRESHFEEL technology: high temperatures, maximum comfort

By 15 March 2019News

One of the elements that most negatively affect sports performance is heat. In fact, physical exertion in hot environments forces the body to perspire more, sparked by the need to maintain a correct thermoregulation. The consequence is a greater loss of fluids (and mineral salts), but this is not all: the actual activity required to produce sweat forces the body to use up more energy;  it has been calculated that the organism consumes approximately 580 kcal to lose one litre of perspiration, without counting the discomfort caused by damp garments.

FRESHFEEL, the new M.I.T.I. technology with breathable effect designed for summer fabrics that are worn close to the skin, has been specifically developed to provide an adequate response to these problems.

This technology is expressed in two ways, the first is based on a hydrophilic finishing process for application on fabrics of various compositions and is ideal for lightweight and particularly transpirant fabrics. The second is determined by the construction of the fabric and the way in which the double fibres are knit, to ensure a feeling of freshness and a rapid drying action, making this an ideal solution for summer workout sessions and elevated performance in particularly warm environments.

The entire range of M.I.T.I. fabrics designed for the summer season has been developed with FRESHFEEL technology and includes meshes, lightweight fabrics for ventilation panels and inserts, as well as two-component fabrics for perspiration control.

Furthermore, these products comply with the Smart Innovation characteristics which are in ever greater market demand: like the rest of M.I.T.I. products, fabrics with FRESHFEEL technology are Bluesign® certified to guarantee the use of eco-friendly industrial processes and have also obtained OEKO-TEX class 1 certification.