FORCE technology for high quality shapewear

By 15 October 2018News

The requirements of shapewear lingerie garments are multifarious and of great technical complexity: fabrics need to be able to guarantee an excellent multidirectional elasticity combined with an adequate degree of compression. This must also be accompanied by a number of functional properties such as abrasion resistance, the capacity to dry quickly, a soft hand-feel and lack of transparency. 

All these elements have been united in the FORCE technology for shapewear by M.I.T.I., one of the company’s most successful technologies. FORCE is based on a careful selection of special yarns and their combination, with a well-balanced percentage of elastomer which makes fabrics perfectly elastic and compressive and enables the products to guarantee support and skin comfort, along with an excellent moisture management. 

These characteristics, combined with the possibility to use raw edge fabrics and the availability of various articles of different weights and blends, makes the products in the FORCE line ideal for satisfying the requirements of the most demanding shapewear labels, including those brands particularly sensitive to the sustainability issue: like all products by M.I.T.I., FORCE shapewear fabrics are also Bluesign-certified, to guarantee a manufacturing process of reduced environmental impact.