#FabricsToConnect: MITI’s commitment to sustainability continues to grow

By 23 November 2022News

How much value can a fabric hold? Very much, if its mission is to promote environmental and social sustainability in the textile sector, fuelling a supply chain that day after day aims at safeguarding the Planet, workers and consumers.

This is the goal of MITI’s new Fabrics to Connect campaign: a journey towards the most complete production and environmental responsibility that makes innovative and green fabrics a means of important connection and sharing between players and stakeholders of the global textile system.

With Fabrics to Connect, MITI is committed to make its sustainable approach to the development of high-performance technical fabrics public and transparent. Each MITI technology is in fact the result of the choice of eco-compatible raw materials and the constant search for innovative solutions, it is produced through responsible and low environmental impact manufacturing processes, in full respect of the worker and with a strong attention to the final users, following a strong code of ethics.

A path in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations for the textile industry, which however MITI cannot and does not want to carry out alone. For this reason, Fabrics to Connect campaign aims to offer the market a value proposition rather than a fabric, participation in a common challenge rather than a new production solution. Choosing MITI technologies will first of all mean sharing and promoting common values and objectives.

To make this approach more concrete every day, Fabrics to Connect hopes to become an important growth tool for MITI, shortly leading to the publication of its first corporate Sustainability Report for 2022, based on transparency and the sharing of its productive and operating data with suppliers, customers and users, to demonstrate its commitment to building a greener, cleaner and more human-sized future.

Fabrics to Connect is MITI’s new challenge. A journey towards sustainability that makes its innovative and high-performing fabrics a means to promote a new environmental and social responsibility in the textile sector. To build together with partners, customers and end users a supply chain that truly aims to safeguard the Planet and our future.