Cross-country skiing: greater performance with innovative and green textiles

By 11 November 2021News
Trimtex -The Ace Collection - Greenperforming

When we think of snow sports, the first thing that comes to mind is downhill skiing. However, there are many opportunities that the mountains offer us to organize a fitness holiday in contact with nature. Among these, cross-country skiing, a discipline for sportsperson of any age and level: from beginners, to lovers of slow sports, from hikers looking for alternative ways to experience the heights, to more traditional skiers who want to experiment new ways to use the ski.

A complete high-performance sport

Cross-country skiing allows anyone to do sports on the snow, combining athletic training with the pleasure of enjoying nature in less hectic times than those required by downhill skiing. It is, in fact, a complete aerobic sport, which gives the possibility to train all the muscles of the body in a balanced way, strengthening the resistance to effort, without excessively stressing the joints, with great advantages for the cardio-vascular and respiratory system. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the paths and the gentler slope levels on which it is practiced, it allows you to get to know the territory in a more in-depth and relaxed way, exploring it with tranquility.

Despite this, even to practice cross-country skiing it is essential to have the right equipment so that the body can take advantage of its benefits and achieve the expected performance, reducing effort and fatigue as much as possible. People are preparing to wear skis on cross-country trails must therefore wear light and breathable garments, which allow them to move easily, without retaining sweat and humidity. Because it is an outdoor sport, typical of the winter months, it also requires clothing capable of maintaining the right body temperature, sheltering from the wind and the bitter cold of the mountains, despite leaving the greatest degree of freedom possible thanks to elastic fabrics, that follow the movement of the body, adapting to every body size.

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Cross-country skiing with high-tech and green garments

What we wear, when we practice a sport, can be a valid ally to help us achieve ever higher performance, while improving our physical well-being. This is also the case for cross-country skiing: for this reason, M.I.T.I has developed high-performance fabrics for winter sports, which combine advanced technologies with sustainable production processes, which preserve nature and the health of those who use them.

From this approach – which M.I.T.I called Greenperforming – innovative textile proposals were born, suitable for creating extremely high-performance, green cross-country skiing garments that can be customized with any design and graphics.

GreenSoul, for example, is a technology produced from 100% recycled fibers, capable of ensuring ideal technical characteristics for cross-country skiing. These are: high breathability and stretch, UV protection for the high altitude sun, high resistance to abrasion, for rough paths in nature, and excellent moisture management, essential for those who practice endurance sports.

To allow these technical performances to be combined with refined aesthetic research, M.I.T.I has designed High Resolution, a perfect technology to prepare fabrics for sublimation printing, which improves the quality level of the printing process and eliminates the criticalities that usually arise during processing, such as color opacity or the accidental migration of dye even on light, mesh or structured fabrics, such as those that are usually used to make technical clothing for cross-country skiing.

Both technologies are Bluesign® certified, confirming the low environmental impact of production processes and protecting the health of workers, and Oekotex class I, which certifies their complete safety for users. GreenSoul options are also made from GRS (Global Recycled Standards) certified recycled polyester.

Trimtex The Ace Collection - Greenperforming

Photo Credit Trimtex

High performance for cross-country skiing with Greenperforming

Greenperforming is not only an innovative philosophy, which makes sustainability a new way of producing and consuming, but also an open collaboration project, within which M.I.T.I develops innovative products in collaboration with companies and partners who use its technologies and they share its values. That’s why GreenSoul and High Resolution technologies are at the heart of the performance garments of the Scandinavian sportswear brand Trimtex, made specifically for cross-country skiing.

The Ace Collection is a range of premium clothing (which includes jackets, technical trousers, sleeveless jackets, tracksuits and t-shirts, for men and women), designed by Trimtex to allow cross-country skiers to obtain maximum physical performance even in more severe environmental conditions, typical of high altitude mountains.

With the support of M.I.T.I’s innovative and green technologies, Trimtex has developed a collection suitable for anyone who wants to move freely on the slopes, but also be able to put their physical performance on the line by tackling challenging routes. The Ace Collection protects from the wind and bitter cold that you can meet on high-altitude cross-country trails. In addition, thanks to the technical characteristics of its textiles, each garment in the collection helps to maintain the right body temperature, always ensuring excellent breathability and the ventilation required for those who practice endurance sports.

For Trimtex, it’s essential to collaborate with suppliers such as M.I.T.I, capable of offering the best quality standards and an ethical and sustainable production approach. For our customers it’s important to be sure to use only fabrics that, in addition to allowing them to achieve high technical performance, always ensure the lowest possible environmental impact”, explains Ole Kristian Augland, Director of Product and Brand at Trimtex.

Our high-performance Greenperforming technologies are an optimal choice for the production of technical garments dedicated to winter sports, such as cross-country skiing. And the collaboration with Trimtex, in line with our Greenperforming sustainable production philosophy, is proof of this”, says Valentina Drago, Scandinavia Account Manager at M.I.T.I

Trimtex The Ace Collection - Greenperforming

Photo Credit Trimtex