#behindMITIfabrics: 90 years of innovative and sustainable production

By 1 March 2021March 15th, 2021News

It was 1931 when the purchase of the first automatic loom marked the start of the production activity of M.I.T.I. Spa, replacing the traditional manual “shuttle” technologies used at that time in the textile sector.

Since then, the division for the processing of warp knit fabrics of the company has never stopped investing in innovative projects and processes that have allowed to develop always “new” and high quality products, which combine high technical performance with a deep respect for the environment.

This year, to celebrate its 90th birthday, M.I.T.I. wants to share with the claim #behindMITIfabrics,the values, skills and objectives that have always been the basis of its work and that, every day, guide it on the market with passion, creativity and sustainability.

First of all, eco-sustainability

M.I.T.I. was the first company in the world to offer a range of fully “recycled” high-performance warp knit fabrics. The use of materials and production processes compatible with the environment is one of the main distinctive features of the company. Since 2009, the entire production of M.I.T.I. has been Bluesign® certified, a standard specifically developed for the textile sector that certifies the sustainability of its entire production process: from the raw materials to the working methods, from the use of energy resources to the safety of operators and consumers. Thanks to the Bluesing® certification, combined with the main international quality standards, M.I.T.I warp knit fabrics are synonymous with innovative products, with advanced technology and low environmental impact.

Innovation and love for the environment

M.I.T.I knows that respect for the planet we live in depends on the careful use of the resources that nature offers us. Hence the concept of Greenperforming, its commitment to the development of technically performing but “green” products, with high technical, aesthetic and functional features but, at the same time, respectful of the environment. For this reason, its production is based on streamlined work processes, with low energy consumption, in line with the principles of the Circular Economy. M.I.T.I has been investing in renewable sources for some time and since the beginning of 2020 has installed a photovoltaic system with the aim to independently create the energy for its production processes. With important results: lower consumption in production, with a 30% reduction in the m3 of water consumed for each kg of fabric produced, and less environmental pollution, with 25% less tons of CO2 emitted during processing.

Looking for “unique” solutions

For M.I.T.I, environmental sustainability and consumer safety also mean the creation of textile solutions that use innovative and bio-compatible materials, such as biodegradable yarns, recycled or mixed with natural fibers. This is why, the ability to seek and experiment with innovative ways to create high-performance and sustainable products capable of interpreting new market trends, is one of the fundamental traits of its production. Investments in “Research & Development” allowed the company to create textiles that could “inspire customers”, helping them to carry out ambitious projects and new production challenges. It is from this approach that the Greenperforming, GreenSoul, Bioback and NaturalMatch technologies come, developed for eco-friendly high-performance fabrics, suitable for creating garments to be worn comfortably and safely both in sports activities and in everyday life.

Close to the customer, even online

The Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the world of one-to-one marketing and corporate events, deeply transforming the relationship between producers and the market. To support customers with the constancy, closeness and creativity of all time, M.I.T.I is committed to the development of innovative interactive projects, through the creation of a new digital Showroom. It’s a “virtual” place designed to allow customers and companies to discover the characteristics and the performance of M.I.T.I fabrics, even remotely, always staying up to date on the latest news.

The human side of technology

In 90 years of presence on the market, the success of M.I.T.I textile solutions does not arrive only from technological innovation. Because machines always need for the skills of a close-knit and competent team, for that creativity and “human” sensitivity which in all these years have allowed the company to believe in strength and in the value of projects that can help improve the world, little by little.