A record-making Elvis … dressed in Green Soul technology

By 22 October 2018News

The achievement of Eluid Kipchoge, with his 2:01:39, was not the only record set last 16 September during the Berlin Marathon. Another record, which was both incredible and a lot of fun, was that of German-born Nikki Johnstone, who set a new world record for running the  “Marathon dressed as Elvis Presley”.

And if you think this is no more than a joke, think again: not only was his record-breaking running time (a fair achievement by anyone’s standards at 2:37:04) officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, but was also subject to a precise set of requirements to be recognised as such: in fact, it is mandatory for the runner to wear a wig sporting the typical Elvis-style quiff, aviator sunglasses, sideburns and a white one-piece suit, as in the most classical images of “the Pelvis”.   

Furthermore, since the choice of fabric is essential when competing in any race at this level, an extremely important role was also played by the Dutch brand, UN-SANCTIONED™ Running, which produced the special outfit for this “record-breaking” Elvis. The material used had to combine a number of characteristics:  excellent performances in terms of breathability and comfort, a high level of shaping, not to mention – consistent with the company’s commitment in terms of ecological sustainability – a minimum environmental impact.  All of these characteristics fully reflect those of the Green Soul line by M.I.T.I., a recycled fabric project, comprising the one selected (made from 100% recycled PET bottles) and used to make this very special and spectacular running outfit.  Not surprisingly, because also on the subject of environmental issues, as Elvis used to sing, now is the time for “a little less conversation and a little more action, please”.