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The #greenperforming challenge.

Our challenge is to respect nature uncompromisingly in terms of product performance.
Greenperforming is the concept that summarises our incessant commitment to the development of solutions that are fully sustainable and, at the same time, offer the best performance results in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

A few figures from 2010 to the present:

Reduction in overall water consumption

M3 less water per kg of fabric processed

Reduction in C02 emissions

Invested in environmental sustainability


Fully aware of the global impact of the garment industry on the environment, since 2009, M.I.T.I. has been a certified member of the Bluesign® Group. All M.I.T.I. products and technologies are Bluesign® certified to ensure the highest standards of friendliness to the environment in each and every stage of the production chain.

M.I.T.I. is certified for conformity to IS0:9001:2015

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Our Technologies

When sustainability becomes synonymous with superior performance:

  • 100% fully sustainable fibers.
  • Certified and traceable recycling process.
  • European made yarns.
  • Bluesign® certified.

GreenSoul is an innovative technology that makes it possible to produce stretch fabrics with 100% recycled yarns obtaining quality and performance that have nothing to envy to non- recycled fabrics.

M.I.T.I. is the first company in the world to offer on the market a range of fully recycled, high performance functional stretch warp knit fabrics.

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Best properties of wool match the performance of syntethic.

  • 100% extra-fine virgin merino wool.
  • Matching with high-tech syntethic nylon and polyester.
  • OEKO-TEX certified.

With the NaturalMatch technology, M.I.T.I. offers a new line of products able to combine in the best way the strengths of wool and those of synthetic materials.

Wool will no longer be afraid of abrasion or tension stress. Indeed, maintaining the typical benefits of transpiration and softness in contact with the skin, from now on wool will be more powerful and self-confident.

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Our GreenSoul technology, the first ever run-proof fabric made 100% from recycled yarns has won the ISPO 2018 award for the Best Product category in collaboration with the Maloja brand.

“When developing products, we are always looking for environmentally friendly materials. Finding these materials is not always easy, especially for functional garments. Therefore it is increasingly important that textile manufacturers dedicate their production entirely to the development of environmentally friendly materials. Needless to say we were immediately impressed, when M.I.T.I. showed us their new GreenSoul collection.”

Maloja head of production Sven Köhler