M.I.T.I. takes part in the Eroica: a passion for cycling and group spirit

By 8 October 2018October 10th, 2018Events

Much more than just a race or an event dedicated to the bicycles of yesteryear: even for those who have no particular passion for bikes, “Eroica” is a brand name that conjures up some extraordinary mental images.

First launched in 1997 based on an idea by Giancarlo Brocci, this bike Touring event unwinds in the splendid scenario of the Tuscan countryside, departing from Gaiole in Chianti with a choice of itineraries of different lengths (32 km. 46 km, 78 km, 130 km, 209 km), in the direction of Siena and the Valdorcia, along the famous “white roads”: dirt tracks with countless ups and downs, many of which are quite steep and hard work. However, the main characteristic of the Eroica is the fact that it features original “vintage” bicycles (pre-1980) ridden by cyclists adequately dressed for the period. 

This is not only a tough endurance test attracting over 7000 participants, but also a great festive occasion in which Tuscan ribollita soup and flasks of Chianti replace energy gel at the refueling points along the way, and in which the desire to have fun and celebrate the passion for cycling reigns supreme.  It is no surprise, therefore, that this event has become world-famous. 

Also for the 2018 edition, which took place on October 7th, M.I.T.I. spa chose to join this singular and inimitable festive event with the participation of a consistent company team comprising “Captain” Dr. Leonardo Polli, on board the prestigious team car, a Fiat 500L of 1972 and our agent Gaston Ji, who came all the way from China to pedal his way along the trail. A special mention for the first woman of the team joining and riding the Eroica, Ms.Valentina Drago.

Distances of varying lengths were covered by the members of our team, who all shared the same determination in tackling a trail that proved to be hard work in physical terms but great fun and highly rewarding: in brief, a memorable and “epic” experience capable of rekindling our passion for this extraordinary sport and consolidating a precious team spirit.  To such an extent, that some of us are already starting to think in terms of training for next year…