GREENPERFORMING – The first episode of M.I.T.I. new movie presented at ISPO

By 8 February 2019Events

Company team, customers, partners, members of the press and bloggers: the entire “world of M.I.T.I.” was at ISPO on Monday 4 February for the official preview of the first episode of the #Greenperforming movie.

Created by M.I.T.I. and produced by the Jolie Advertising agency, the movie shows  a journey from the Alps to the Mediterranean coasts: an itinerary entirely characterized by a strong emotional content, which puts the accent on personal challenges and self-reflection, through direct contact with the most authentic side of nature. A sustainable journey undertaken by a female protagonist, the Italian blogger Tatiana Bertera.

The first episode of the story (filmed in the wild and fascinating Maira Valley in Cuneo province) puts the spotlight on ski-mountaineering: a sport which is a perfect expression of the bond with nature and elevated technical performance also shared by the company’s products and its #Greenperforming philosophy.

The movie presented at ISPO is the first episode of a broader project which, in the months to come, will pave the way to two new appointments focused respectively on hiking, cycling and running. 

After all, the interest and significance of sustainability-related topics are evident throughout the trade fair event, whose current edition is particularly active and rich in innovative solutions; among the most conspicuous trends associated with the latest releases from M.I.T.I., there is an ever growing appreciation of high performing merino wool (as in Natural Match technology) and a new approach to the end-of-life phase of textile products, expressed by the new BioBack technology with its accelerated biodegradation and low environmental impact.