Our History

Ever since 1931, the Polli Family has been at the Company. This has not only ensured continuity but has also favoured a natural propensity for innovation. This mindset is an intrinsic part of the firm’s DNA.

No achievement has been too great to slow them down. Theirs is an experience in constant evolution and the Company is backed up and driven by motivation the Polli family has never ceased to provide.

Thanks to a process of on-going innovation, M.I.T.I. continues to stand out on the market and is particularly appreciated for the meticulous attention it gives to details in order to guarantee high-performing products and service quality.

We generate value

Our Commitment

In M.I.T.I. we are constantly committed to create, optimize and use good practices that allow us to manage resources responsibly, generate added value for stakeholders, for the communities in which we operate and for our people.

Our commitment is constant, from the production and finishing phases to the final inspection and logistics to ensure the highest possible quality of our fabrics, with a view to continuous improvement.

Performance Fabrics

Our Vision

We want to be the reference point of the PERFORMANCE FABRICS sector. We want to create quality, innovative and MADE IN ITALY fabrics respectful of the environment, and helping to reduce the impact of our production.

Our Values

Be excellent

Act with integrity

Satisfy our customers

Taking care of people and their growth

Respect the environment and act responsibly

M.I.T.I. Ethical Code