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BIOBACK low impact technology is MITI new technology belonging to the Greenperforming 2.0 philosophy. This technology, made with accelerated biodegradable yarns, aims to propose an answer to the important theme of garments end of life.

How it works

BIOBACK technology fabrics are developed and realized by MITI playing with two main components:

  • Amni Soul Eco® accellerated biodegradable Nylon yarn*, which starts its degradation process once in landfills and is able to degrade faster than usual synthetic yarns.
  • Roica™ high performance elastane, that during its degradation process does not release any toxic subtances.

The components used for the Bioback technology have been evaluated and rated for their impact on the men’s health and on environment. The goal of such production process is to create a circular economy with the lowest impact possible, moreover without any toxic release.

*Burrial test incubated under outdoor field conditions in microbiological active soil: ASTM D5511 [Standard Test method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials under High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Conditions].


How long it lasts

Bioback technology fabrics aims to create an infinite use circle, based on the philosophy of recycle and reuse, which are the pillar of the circular economy. Fabrics performance during their life cycle are guaranteed.

Which fabrics can have this technology?

BIOBACK low impact technology has now 2 main fabrics:

  • Bio-Dust – Interlock construction lightweight fabric, with high moisture management and quick drying features.
  • Dual Clay-Bio – Stretch circular knit jersey, mid weight, with good moisture management and quick drying features. Good abrasion resistance and UV protection.

Does it come with a certification?

BIOBACK technology fabrics are Bluesign® and Oeko-tex class I certified.

Roica™ elastane is certified C2C Cradle to Cradle® , Gold Medal to be a synthetic yarn which creates a fully biological cycle and totally returns to earth without releasing any toxic substances. Moreover Hohenstein laboratories certified its Environmental compatibility* attesting that after BURIAL TEST, Roica™ is not releasing any toxic element in the soil.

*DIN EN ISO 11721-2:2003

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